About Us

Who We Are

ETHICS MERCANTILE LIMITED is a technology driven EPC & Indentor company came into existence in the year 2010 with its prime objective to promote latest innovative products and solution in the field of power distribution, renewable and energy co-generation to our industrial and commercial valued clients.

To support the objective we established departments like SUPPLY CHAIN, MARKETING, PROJECT IMPLIMENTATION and MAINTENANCE SUPPORT, which are managed by a team of smart and experienced Financers and Engineers Technocrats. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers and partners with dependable products and reliable supports that would allow each end user to feel confident they have made the right choice.

What We Do

  • Project development
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Project planning and management
  • Supply/Indent of turnkey project’s main equipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Performance testing of the project
  • Operational and maintenance training
  • Guidance and liaison with various authorities (if any)
  • Co-ordinate International Tenders
  • System monitoring, analysis, technical and recommendation
  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Spares support during entire project life

Our Associates


SIMS TECH ENGINEERING for the field of the project development, management and installation assistance of co-generation projects like absorption chillers based central air-conditioning, Exhaust gas Boiler, EGB and economizers. 

RELIABLE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LIMITED for the field of energy audit, fire and building safety audit/ assessment/ civil retrofitting following ACCORD standard.

INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING for the field of mechanical and electrical distribution, master layout plan, erecting, piping and related fabrication.

FOREIGN SOLE ASSOCIATES- In renewable & Conventional Power EPC field-

ZNSHINE PV-TECH CO., LTD, CHINA for photovoltaic module, renewable technology validation and related system integration like solar megawatt power plant, solar rooftop power plant.

TOPSUN ENERGY LIMITED, INDIA for photovoltaic module, renewable technology validation and related system integration like solar irrigation pumping system, solar megawatt power plant, solar rooftop power plant.

DUKE PLASTO TECHNIQUE (PVT.) LIMITED, INDIA for specially designed irrigation motor and pump set driven by solar power.

TOSHIBA INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS ASIA CO., LTD, CHINA for Energy efficient industrial motor and VEP.

SIEYUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD, CHINA for Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer & Instruments.

HERMES TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED, INDIA for Solar inverters and industrial automation.

KACO NEW ENERGY, GERMANY for Solar off grid, on grid & Hybrid inverters

INVT SOLAR TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD, CHINA for Solar off grid, on grid & Hybrid inverters

In co-generation EPC field-


ZHONGZHOU ZHOUGDING BOILER CO. LTD. for industrial exhaust gas fired boiler EGB and customized high efficiency economizer.


GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO. LTD, CHINA for FCU-fan coil unit and other related accessories of central air conditioning system.

NANFANG PUMP INDUSTRY CO. LTD, CHINA for hot water, chilled water and cold water circulation pumps for air conditioning system.

HOI LUEN HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED, CHINA for metallic pipe and pipe fittings.


Our Projects


Solar Irrigation Pumping System

Solar Irrigation pumping system is reliable and hassle-free for irrigation which ensure the supply of water all over the year can boost the productivity of agriculture in numerous ways, such as allowing growth of more and varied crops each year.  The irrigation also has the benefit of being climate-friendly and can help farmers adapt their agricultural practices to prepare for changing weather pattern.

Now-a-days, solar powered irrigation systems are an affordable technology for small and large-scale farmers.

EML select solar water pumping equipment after judgment of site condition and ensure song lusting and efficiency with 5 years performance warranty.

In this business context, our associated suppliers are DUKE PLASTO TECHNIQUE LIMITED, India and HERMES TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, India.

EML is the listed supplier partner of IDCOL SIPS program. To that and other government and private program EML already supplied and installed at around 200 solar water pumping system that are performing satisfactory to the farmers.



Solar Rooftop Power Plant

For an industrialist to ensure sustainable growth and to face the challenge to compete in national and international market, time has come for full utilization of renewable energy and reduces dependency on grid whatever may be in scope.

When utility bills are in continuous increasing train, we are proposing to install solar rooftop power plant whatever the space spare on roof and connect to the grid to reduce the utility bills and slab tariff effect installing NET METER. At present scenario, Return on investment from the saving is not more than 4.5 years.

We ensure height generation from solar, linier generation warranty for 25 years as declared and efficient electronic equipment for the plant as per site condition.

In this business context TOPSUN ENERGY LIMITED, India is our EPC and technology validation partner since the year 2010. Beside that we have association with TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Japan and KACO NEW ENERGY, Germany.

EML already supplied and installed about 5 MW (aggregated) solar PV for off-grid and on-grid solar rooftop and solar home system program.


Instrument Transformer



Sub-Station, Bus Bar Trunking System

Quality power distribution is a vital demand for any infrastructure which ensure safety, reduce loses and provide quality energy.

EML ensure the rated capacity with future extension probation, switchgears/ associated control system/ automation from original manufacturer as declared and IEEE electrical wiring at their own premises with a close observation, cross monitoring and quality check.

EML offer quality step-down transformer with minimum NO LOAD loss, LT-Low tension, HT-High tension and PFI-Power Factor Improvement panels both in door and out door type.

Beside the conventional forms of power distribution we propose BUS BAR TRUNKING SYSTEM to the industrialist to ensure more safety, less maintenance, less space utilization, flexibility in design and future modification and less installation time. We propose both the power and lighting bus bar.

In this context of business our associate company is DTM ELEKTRTECHNIK AS, Turkey.



Absorption Chiller

Energy is becoming most precious and important factor in all the segments from household to industry. We cannot think off a second it’s absence. At the same time, the quality & price of energy are impacting the sustainability of business, industrial expansion and even everyday life of human.

As a team of engineering’s, EML feel their duty for the consultation in energy conservation, advise to renewable energy and co-generate whatever have in scope. The attempt can stabilize the business growth in the long run financially and environmentally. 

In co-generation, to utilize the jacketed heat of generators and to support the HVAC load of the establishment we are proposing HOT WATER POWERED ABSORPTION CHILLING PLANT. 

Too utilize the exhaust gas heat and to support the HVAC load of the establishment we are proposing EXHAUST GAS FIRED ABSORPTION CHILLING PLANT. 

Also the STEAM FIRED and DIRECT FIRED ABSORPTION CHILLERs are in the range. For a control air-conditioning plant, beside the chiller we offer the other main equipment and accessories which are world class and proven quality.

In this business context HOPE DEEP BLUE AIR CONDITIONING MANUFACTURE CORPORATION LTD, China is our associate.

HOPE DEEP BLUE has a strong technology R&D team consisting of renowned experts, scholars and engineers in Air-conditioning industry. So far it has obtained tens of patents and proprietary technologies and on this basis has developed the deep blue Green Energy Center, the truly first heat-electricity-cooling ti-generation system with independent intellectual property rights in China, which has been operating successfully for more than ten years.


Exhaust Gas Boiler

To utilize the exhaust gas heat and to support the steam/ hot water demand of the establishment we are proposing EXHAUST GAS BOILER (EGB) of several model and customized capacity.

ZHONGDING BOILER is the industrial boiler professor of China. It is referred as technical innovated enterprise. The manufacturing base is located in Zhengzhou airport economy zone and covers an area of 130 thousand square meters.

The company owns about 800 employees, including 110 technical engineers and about 700 sets advanced manufacturing equipment. ZHOUGDING BOILER concentrates on invention of high-tech and energy saving boilers has owned more than 20 sorts national patented technologies.

Why choose us?

2450 Nos Solar Home System
185 Nos Solar Irrigation Pumping System
5 Nos Solar Rooftop Power Plants
35 Nos Household Solar Water Pumping System
02 Project Manager
12 Engineer
15 Technician
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